Soul Sessions is a soulful, expressive and vibrant creative platform aiming to bring people together and create a vibe through poetry, music and art; our hashtag #VibeWithUs epitomises this. It is an event that is aimed solely at capturing the deeply rooted essences of sound and poetry. Our audience is a key element of the brand, hence why we provide them with an opportunity to take part in the show via Open Mic. Most importantly, presenting them with an opportunity to experience a diverse range of creativity through the variety of exceptional performers and artists.

Two young innovative women namely Itunu Para-Mallam and Tiffannie Roberts founded Soul Sessions. The idea was first presented during the summer of 2015 by Itunu Para-Mallam and Tiffannie Roberts with hopes to break into the niche and fill the gap in the market for such events within the University environment in Leicester. Their love for music and poetry encouraged the launch of the first Soul Sessions event held on the 20th of October 2015 in Leicester. The event was an instant success; evidence was all over Twitter as people left feedback expressing their want for more shows and more events like Soul Sessions. Such positive feedback encouraged the creation of the second Soul Sessions event held on the 2nd of February 2016. This time, a live band was integrated into the event brand to provide the audience with an authentic Jazz, Neo-Soul and old school vibe. Yet again, the second event was successful and saw to our audiences satisfaction and enthusiasm for the next event.

On the 13th of September 2016, Soul Sessions organised its first event in London at Hackney Attic. The event was engrossed in innovation and creativity with the addition of live art; allowing the artists to vulnerably show the audience their depiction of the performances through their hands. With another successful event under the brand’s belt, Soul Sessions will continue growing and creating platforms for creatives around the UK.

To #VibeWithUs on this journey, follow and subscribe to our website, for more updates on our events, performers, opportunities and many more. To interact with us, follow us on TwitterInstagram and like us on Facebook.

Vibe with our official branding:

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